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 “Having worked with Richard to expand the North American market for Capita Healthcare Decisions, I was consistently impressed with his strategic insights, his deep product knowledge as well as his strong relationship-building abilities (Richard’s straight-talking, plain-speaking approach engenders trust and enables him to forge productive, healthy relationships with clients and partners alike).

Richard is the consummate sales executive, highly focused on developing a robust sales pipeline, while ensuring existing customers are managed in an appropriate, professional manner. He is also has an incredible eye for detail when it comes to commercial documents and contracts – the best I’ve ever seen in a sales executive.

As the person I reported to at Capita Healthcare Decisions, I found Richard to be fair, honest and consistently a resource I could turn to for advice and guidance. Simply put, he’s a great person to work with!”

 Kirk Fergusson, Managing Director mdBriefCase Group Inc


 “Richard is a top-flight sales director whom I worked with at Healthcare Decisions, during the time I worked with Richard he put together a new sales team and was very much a member of the senior team contributing to the overall strategy and management of the business. He personally closed some significant deals on a global basis and negotiated terms.”

Steve Goodwin, Senior Director for all external clients, Capita IT Services 


 “Richard is a seasoned sales and service-focused leader within the technology sector and has exceptional experience in the contact center/CRM & knowledge management business across a variety of industries.

Richard is able to build long-lasting relationships with customers which not only helps to promote the business but also provides a valuable source of future repeat business. These relationships are built upon the assurance of mutual trust and a “customer first” mentality where the priority is always to ensure a successful customer outcome. This mantra that Richard has always followed is essential in small or start-up businesses but he has also used this to good effect in large, established organizations who all too often put short-term profitability before long-term customer relationships.

Richard is quickly able to identify the qualities of every team member and ensure that their role and contribution maximizes those strengths. This in turn, ensures that everyone understands the part that they play and feels a valued member of the team and how they should work together. I have immense respect for Richard, as does everyone that has worked with him or under his leadership. I would recommend Richard for any leadership role without hesitation.”

 Tony Harris, Global Vice President & General Manager,
Direct Procurement Solutions, SAP Ariba at SAP


“Richard is an exceptionally talented leader who brings a considerable arsenal of resources to bear on the task of running a company. Richards strategic focus, operational clarity, cost awareness, trust and belief in his team, and drive for innovation produce demonstrable success. From day-to-day activities to bringing new customers on board, Richard applies himself absolutely. I found working with Richard an inspirational and fulfilling experience, and have expanded my business knowledge considerably while working for him, and would not hesitate to work with him again.”

Max Kissick-Jones, Partnerships – Europe 


 “Instated in 1998, Richard and I were lucky enough to be part of a new Nortel business unit that was crafted to take advanced computer telephony based solutions to market. It was exciting times and we enjoyed a lot of success and satisfaction building the customer base. Richard led the sales engine from the front. Always positive, driven and full of energy, a total pleasure to work with and consummate professional.”

 Paul Hodgson, Solutions Architect, SAP


 “Richard’s arrival at Clinical Solutions instigated many positive changes as he implemented his ideas and processes to drive the company’s Sales Teams forward.

His excellent sales background and general business experience combined with a strong work ethic was very effective in improving the way the Company went after new business, and also serviced existing customers and opportunities.

Intelligent, hardworking, demanding but fair, Richard is excellent in his role and I learnt much from working on several major Bids/Tender with him.”

Ben Cullen, Technical Operations Director at Babylon Health


“I worked with Richard over the past year and greatly appreciated his depth of experience and expertise in the Sales & Marketing industry. Our team greatly benefited from his strategic thinking, his highly poised approach and most articulate manner in which he superbly engaged all those he encountered. We are thrilled that Richard will remain an ambassador of the Health & Technology DISTRICT and we look forward to his continued contributions in the technology and innovation sectors.”

 Rowena Rizzotti, Executive Consultant & Strategic Advisor –
Business, Healthcare & Innovation


“In his role as Business Development Consultant, Richard was instrumental in building partnerships for the Health and Technology District, and expanding its entrepreneurial ecosystem across borders. With his ability to quickly grasp new markets and identify opportunities, he helped inform the strategic direction of both the Health and Technology District and HealthTech Connex, as well as facilitate its tactical execution. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying marketing-, sales- and go-to-market strategy, implementation of a CRM system, representing our ground-breaking work at high-impact events, and mentoring young talent.

On a personal note, it has been a real pleasure working with Richard, and I have come to highly value his professionalism, integrity and strong interpersonal skills. I strongly recommend Richard to anyone looking to identify and leverage new business opportunities, solidify their sales strategy and build genuine relationships with partners/customers.”

Kirk Fisher, SVP, Lark Group