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Building long lasting and trusted relationships are in the DNA of most successful sales professionals and key to recurring revenues for organizations.

Having built many of these over the past 30 years, Synergistica has access to a global reach of clients, partners, channels, technology and software vendors as well as key individuals. It’s common for us to hear statements from partners and Clients acknowledging these relationships:

“you seem to know someone in most organizations, industries and/or countries who can help us fast track what we need to do”.

Whilst the world of the Internet, social media and business networking sites such as LinkedIn has brought everyone closer together, we are still believers in that trusted partnerships and relationships are built with a handshake and face to face meetings.

Our networks and extensive market relationships across a wide spectrum of industries, technologies and countries can be utilised for organizations to: –

  • Create new partnerships when bidding for complex opportunities
  • Bring like-minded individuals together
  • Reduce time to develop new partnerships through global reach
  • Reduce time to market
  • Create new market opportunities through co-operation
  • Maximise strengths of disparate but complementary organisations

What is utopia for your organization? Often if you’ve worked in one country, one industry, one organization or only procured against a long-term contract (common in the public sector), then the strong possibility is that your knowledge of what’s possible is limited to that experience and therefore utopia for you is often governed accordingly. Imagine if you could leverage the experiences and relationships Synergistica and its contacts can bring, what would utopia then look like!!

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